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Episode #227- Digimon Anime is 25 & Counting! (Digimon Anime 25th Anniversary, Digimon Con, & More!) Posted on 03/11/2024
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This time we will be talking about the Digimon Anime 25th Anniversary, the fun from Digimon Con, & tons more!

Digimon Anime 25th Anniversary Launch Trailer

Digimon Con:
Digimon Con 2024 (March 9th, 2024) Stream Updates
Digimon Con 2024 (March 9th, 2024) Stream Archives
Piano Performance & Game Preview
Agumon Talk & Concert Preview Photos
Digimon Con 2024 Schedule & Stream Link
Digimon Con 2024 Today (March 9th, 2024)

Digimon Dreamers:
Digimon Dreamers: Chapter 25 (End)
Digimon Dreamers Vol. 2 Cover

Digimon Seekers:
Digimon Seekers: Epilogue
Digimon Seekers Trailer Digest Movie

Site Updates: New Forum Sections Added- Novels, Webcomics Section & Liberator Section

Digimon Novel Competition Announced

Digimon Comics Launches This Summer

22nd Anniversary of Digimon Tamers: Runaway Digimon Express
23rd Anniversary of Digimon Adventure 02: Revenge of Diablomon
24th Anniversary of Digimon Adventure: Our War Game!
25th Anniversary of Digimon Adventure (movie)
25th Anniversary of Digimon Adventure (anime)
9th Anniversary of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

Digimon Anime 25th Anniversary- Anniversary Art, Announcements, Teases, & More

Digimon Meets Creators #1 - Blackboard Art

Agumon Statue at Bandai HQ to Celebrate 25th Anniversary

Digimon X As'Maria Edition V-Pets:
Digimon X As'Maria Edition V-Pets Announced & Pre-Orders
US, UK, & More Pre-orders for Digimon X As'Maria Edition V-Pets

Digivice 25th Anniversary Color Evolution:
Digimon Adventure Digivice 25th Anniversary Teaser
Digimon Adventure Digivice 25th Anniversary Color Evolution
US, UK, & More Pre-orders for Digivice 25th Color Evolution

Digimon Adventure Airing Fridays on Tokyo MX

Japanese Adventure 02: The Beginning Store Exclusives

15 Second Analyze: Dorugoramon, Ouryumon, & Agumon (Special)

Partners DigiGift March Calendar Wallpaper (Final)

AiM 25th Anniversary Album:
AiM 25th Anniversary Album '25' Releases April 24th
AiM 25th Anniversary Album '25' Pre-Orders Open
AiM 25th Anniversary Album '25' Tracklist

100 Minutes of Digimon Calling Your Name Video

Digimon Sprite Emoji on Line

Digimon New Century:
New Digimon Silhouette Teaser for New Century
New Digimon for New Century is Erlangmon

Digimon Adventure x Earth: Revival Collaboration Images & Details

Digimon Liberator:
Digimon Liberator: Episode 0 (Preview)
Digimon Liberator Trailer & Theme Song

Card Game Previews & News:
Algomon (Baby 2) & Tamer Card Rhythm
\Morphomon & Tamer Card Menoa
Darcmon & HippoGriffomon
Murmukusmon & Ornismon
Tamer Card Leon & Option Card Hacker's Pride
Infermon & Armagemon
Tamer Cards Takuya & Kouji
Option Card Ancient Guardian Spirits
Algomon (Child) & Algomon (Adult)
Algomon (Perfect)
Algomon (Ultimate)
GeoGreymon & RizeGreymon
Kyubimon & Taomon
Option Card Crimson Savior
Locomon & GrandLocomon
Trailmon (Worm)
Agumon & Gabumon
Eosmon (Adult) & Eosmon (Perfect)
Flamon & Strabimon
Aldamon & BeoWolfmon
Card Battle Previews- Tamer Card of Taichi & Hikari, Option Card Miraculous Ultimate Knight, Parrotmon
Batch of Previews- Death-X-Dorugoramon, Tamer Card Ryusenji, Greymon (Parallel) [Special], Death-X-Dorugamon, Death-X-Doruguremon
CGF 23-24 Early BT-17 Previews
Digimon Adventure Movie Anniversary Promo
Digimon Dreamers Vol. 2 Pal Promo Card
CGF 23-24 Early Tamer Battle Pack 22 Previews
Booster Set EX-07 Digimon Liberator Details
ST-18 Guardian Vortex & ST-19 Fable Waltz Preview
Booster Set 18 Element Successor on June 28th
Englsh Unified Release Plans for Booster Sets 18, 19, & 20

Card Game Videos:
Card Battle #161- Hideyoshi Match
Card Battle #162- Booster Set 17 Previews

Digimon Gashapon TV Key Art Acrylic Stands

Digimon Animation 25th Anniversary TV Animation SD Art

Figure-Rise Standard Amplified Model Kit Teaser

Digimon Tabletop Games & Outdoor Toys from KessCo

New Digimon Adventure Anniversary Products at AniBirth

Digimon Adventure Anniversary Cafe: Our Memories:
Digimon Adventure Anniversary Cafe: Our Memories- Novelties & Bonuses
Digimon Adventure Anniversary Cafe: Our Memories- Products

Digimon Adventure Anniversary Shop at Tokyo Character Street

Digimon Adventure Anniversary Collaboration at Karatez Karaoke

Official Digimon Web Poll #96- Favorite Digimon from the Pendulum 3.0/3.5 V-Pet

Last Weekend's Saturday Post- Card Championship, Lui's Birthday (2/29), Digimon Con Teasers, Anniversary Social Art

Social Art & More- Reference Book Update, Frontier BD Box, Anibirth Photos, Toei Museum Photos, Megahouse Anniversary Photos, Various Art & Photos, Kakudou Production Images, Dreamers Promotional Art, 25th Anniversary Social Art

We finish with some questions from the audience.

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