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Episode #231- Enter Lacuna (Liberator Begins, Pendulum Color 4/5/Zero, & More!) Posted on 05/06/2024
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This time we will be talking about the start of Digimon Liberator, the Digimon Pendulum Color 4/5/Zero, cards, collaboration products, figures, & tons more!

Digimon Liberator:
Digimon Liberator: Episode 1
Digimon Liberator Livestream
Digimon Liberator Begins & More- Theme Songs, New Key Art, D-Storage, Novel Info, Impmon Evolutions, & More!
Digimon Liberator Being Added to GlobalComix
Digimon Liberator Available on Webtoon & Schedule
Digimon Liberator Column - Tips 01- Lacuna: Emerald Colonies, the Invasive Forest City

Ayumi Miyzaki 25th Anniversary Tour in October & November

Digimon Pendulum Color:
JP Digimon Pendulum Color 4/5/Zero Pre-Order Details & Info
US Digimon Pendulum Color 4/5/Zero Pre-Order Details
Digimon Pendulum Color 4/5/Zero Extended Preview Video

Monmon Memo:
Digimon Pendulum Color Raising (Part 1) from MonMon Memo
Digimon Pendulum Color Raising (Part 2) from MonMon Memo
Digimon Pendulum Color Raising (Part 3) from MonMon Memo

Digimon 15 Second Analyze 45 Second Specials- Gabumon, Patamon, Tentomon, Piyomon, Palmon, Tailmon, Gomamon

Adventure 25th Anniversary Art:
Adventure 25th Anniversary Artwork & Interview- Artwork by yoshi_mi_yoshi & Interview with kaeru_dx
Adventure 25th Anniversary Interview with yoshi_mi_yoshi

Partners DigiGift May Calendar Wallpaper

Digimon Adventure Collaboration with Jade Dynasty New Century

Digimon Tamers Collaboration with Legend of the Mushroom Hero

Card Previews & News:
Tamer Card Shoto
Tamer Card Arisa
Eyesmon: Scatter Mode
BelleStarmon ACE
Option Card Hurricane Screw Shot
Option Card Wonder Stomp
ToyAgumon (Black)
Option Card Wind Slicer
LadyDevimon X
Lilithmon X
Option Card Seventh Fascinate
Gundramon & Promo Poster
Zephagamon, Cendrillmon, Tamer Card Yuuki, & Impmon
ST-18 & 19 Playmat & Promo Poster
Clean Images of ST-18 & 19, Promos, and Parallel Cards
Digimon Liberator Promo Card Lottery
Clean Packaging for Booster Set 18 Element Successor
MagnaGarurumon & RhodoKnightmon Ace Art Previews for Digimon Card Game Booster Set 18 Element Successor
Memorial Legend Collection
Memorial Legend Collection Pre-Orders
English Special Booster V2.0 (& Booster 18 & 19) Updates
Premium Heroines Set Card Previews

Card Videos:
Card Battle #169- Digimon Card Room & Starter Decks 18-19 Match

Adventure 02: The Beginning Prints at Japanese 7-Elevens

Digimon Adventure Art Pop-Up in Akihabara on April 27th

Digimon Adventure & 02 Oekakiccho Collection Products

AiM 25th Anniversary Merchandise On Sale Until May 13th

Adventure 25th Anniversary Cafe Products Available Online

New Ichiban Kuji Digimon Product Lottery Series Announced

Poll Results for ... Favorite Digimon from the Digimon Pendulum 4.0/4.5 V-Pet

Official Digimon Web Poll #100- Favorite Digimon TV Anime Main Character Child Level

Last Weekend's Saturday Post- Butter-Fly & Wish Cover Art, Kakudou Anniversay Goods Photos, More Toei Museum Photos, Premium Bandai Showroom, Digimon Adventure Art Pop-Up, Naoki Akamine Movie Art, Naoki Akamine Cover Art, Digimon Liberator Social Art

Social Art & More- Art Pop-Up Photos, Naoki Akamine Art, May Digimon Social Art

We finish with some questions from the audience.

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This episode was recorded on May 6th, 2024.

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