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Episode #228- Calm, Sweet Calm (Digimon at Anime Japan 2024 & More!) Posted on 03/25/2024
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This time we will be talking about Digimon cards, a new model kit, polls, Digivice updates, & tons more!

Digimon Adventure 25th Anniversary Art by Kaeru DX

Anime Japan:
Digimon at Anime Japan 2024
Agumon & V-mon Mascots Photoshoots Schedule

Digimon Adventure 25th Anniversary Exhibition

Digivice 25th Color Evolution:
Digivice 25th Color Evolution Extended Preview Video
Digivice 25th Color Evolution in May V-Jump
Wave 2 Pre-Orders in Japan

Card Previews & News:
Bulkmon & Boutmon
Terriermon & Galgomon
Tamer Card Wallace
Bowmon & FenriLoogamon
Tamer Card Cracker Fang
FenriLoogamon: Takemikazuchi
Mephismon & Option Card Awakening of the Sun
Omegamon ACE (Parallel)
Tamer Card Taichi & Yamato (Parallel)
Armagemon (Parallel)
Imperialdramon: Paladin Mode ACE (Parallel)
Tamer Card Daisuke & Ken (Parallel)
Dukemon: Crimson Mode ACE (Parallel)
Tamer Card Takato (Parallel)
AncientGreymon (Parallel)
AncientGarurumon, Tamer Card Takuya, & Tamer Card Kouji (Parallel)
Tamer Card Masaru (Parallel)
ShineGreymon: Burst Mode ACE (Parallel)
Pulsemon (Parallel)
Kazuchimon (Parallel)
Tamer Card Leon (Parallel)
Algomon (Ultimate) (Parallel)
Eosmon (Ultimate) (Parallel)
Death-X-Dorugoramon & FenriLoogamon: Takemikazuchi (Parallel)
Greymon (Parallel)
Card Battle Previews- Omegamon ACE (Parallel) [Special], Imperialdramon: Paladin Mode ACE (Parallel) [Special], Dukemon: Crimson Mode ACE (Parallel) [Special], ShineGreymon: Burst Mode ACE (Parallel) [Special], FenriLoogamon: Takemikazuchi (Parallel) [Special]
Booster Set 17 Tamer Box Toppers- Tamer Card Wallace (Parallel), Tamer Card Taichi & Hikari (Parallel), Tamer Card Ruki (Parallel), Tamer Card Minami (Parallel), Tamer Card Rhythm (Parallel), Tamer Card Menoa (Parallel)
Clean Booster 17 Card Previews
Booster Set 17 in May V-Jump
Digimon Liberator in May V-Jump- Starter Deck 18-19

Card Videos:
Card Battle #163- Booster Set 17 Match
Card Battle #164- Booster Set 17 Match

25th Anniversary Pop-Up Events in May V-Jump

Figure-rise Standard Ampliifed Paildramon:
Paildramon Model Kit Announced
Paildramon Model Kit Pre-Orders Open
Paildramon Model Kit in May V-Jump

Poll Results for Favorite Digimon from the Digimon Pendulum 2.0/2.5 V-Pet

Poll Results for Favorite Digimon from the Digimon Pendulum 3.0/3.5 V-Pet

Official Digimon Web Poll #97- Digivice 25th Anniversary Poll- Which Chosen Child & Partner Do You Want to Adventure with First?

Last Weekend's Saturday Post- Reference Book Update, Kakudou Production Materials, Kamio Anime Japan Products, Digivice 25th at Narakiri World, Nazuna Kaga & Patamon Art

Social Art & More- Mini Plushes & V-Tuber Collab, More Anime Japan Photos, As'Maria Paildramon Art

We finish with some questions from the audience.

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This episode was recorded on March 25th, 2024.

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