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Episode #235- Happy 27th B-Day Digimon! (Anniversary Stuff, Exhibition, Dub Music, & More!) Posted on 07/01/2024
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This time we will be talking about Digimon Liberator, anniversary events, V-Pets, & the upcoming Exhibition, the end of the Vital Bracelet, Frontier dub music, & tons more! Plus AR returns!

Digimon Liberator:
Digimon Liberator Webcomic: Episode 3 (Part 2)
Digimon Liberator Column - Tips 04
Digimon Liberator in August V-Jump

Taiki Matsuno Has Passed Away

27th Anniversary of Digimon

Digimon Anime 25th Anniversary & Digimon Comics Details

"Digimon Comic" Coming on August 10th

Digimon Hype Drop Edition V-Pets Announced

Kenji Watanabe Original 25th Anniversary Art Reproduction

Digimon Adventure 25th Anniversary Exhibition Osaka Venue- Event Period October 5th~20th

Appmon Encyclopedia Added to Digimon Web

English Frontier Clean Insert Song from Audio Engineer

Vital Bracelet Arena App Ending Online Service September 30th- Vital Bracelet Potentially Done?

More 15 Second Analyze Specials (with Subtitles)- MetalSeadramon, Pinocchimon, Mugendramon, Piemon

Digimon Partners Adventure 02: The Beginning Campaign- Scenes & Lines You Want to See & Hear Again & Again

Erlangmon: Blast Mode art from Digimon: New Century

New Jade Dynasty New Century Collaboration Promo Video

Digimon Card Game Previews & News:
Chackmon & Blizzarmon (Parallel)
Millenniumon (Parallel)
Blitzmon & Bolgmon (Parallel)
BlackSeraphimon ACE (Parallel)
Fairymon & Shutumon (Parallel)
TigerVespamon (Parallel)
Duskmon & Velgrmon (Parallel)
Tamer Card Violet (Parallel)
Parallel Card Previews- RhodoKnightmon ACE (Parallel), Dynasmon ACE (Parallel), MagnaGarurumon (Parallel), KaiserGreymon (Parallel)
Susanoomon ACE (Parallel)
Special Parallel & Ghost Rare Previews- BlackSeraphimon ACE [Special] (Parallel), Dynasmon ACE [Special] (Parallel), RhodoKnightmon ACE [Special] (Parallel), Susanoomon ACE [Special] (Parallel), Lucemon: Satan Mode [Special] (Parallel), Dukemon: Crimson Mode [Ghost] (Parallel)
Lucemon (Parallel)
Lucemon: Falldown Mode (Parallel)
Lucemon: Satan Mode (Parallel)
Patamon and Tamer Card Takuya & Kouji (Parallel)
Tamer Cards Izumi, Tomoki, Junpei, & Kouichi (Parallel)
Clean Images of ... Booster Set 18 Element Successor, Digimon Liberator Evolution Cup, Tamer Battle Pack 23
Booster Set 18 Clean Parallel Cards, Playmat, & Promo
Booster Set 18 in August V-Jump
Booster Set 19 Xros Evolution Preview
Booster Set 19 Xros Evolution Packaging Preview
Card Game Updates- Booster Set LM-04 Details, Card Games Fest 24-25 Announced, Tournament & Event Cards
Booster Set EX-08 Chains of Liberation Early Details
English Special Booster Version 2.0 Packaging
English June-August, September-November Tournaments

Card Game Videos:
Card Battle #176- Booster Set 18 Previews
Card Battle #177- Booster Set 18 Match

Digimon Merchandise in August V-Jump

New Digimon Shirts from Hypland for Sale at Pacsun

Ayumi Miyazaki & Kenji Watanabe Event on July 13th-14th

25th Anniversary Metal Crest and Tag Keychains Delayed

Digimon Partners Project 3- Let's Make Digimon Line Stamps Together - Lineup Announcement

Poll Results for... Favorite Digimon from the Pendulum Zero Virus Busters V-Pet

Official Digimon Web Poll #104- Favorite Type of Digimon Pixel Art

Last Weekend's Saturday Post- New Yu Yuen-wong Art, Digimon Liberator Art

Social Art & More- Toei Museum, Chinese Medals, Chinese Plushes, Miyazaki Event, Kakudou Towels, Comics Social Art, Liberator Social Art, Digimon 27th Anniversary

July Social Media Art

We finish with some questions from the audience.

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