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Episode #216- The Age of 02 Begins (Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning, Seekers, Dreamers, & More!) Posted on 10/23/2023
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This time we will be talking about TONS of Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning before the movie is out, new Digimon Seekers & Dreamers, cards, & tons more! Plus our plans for a movie special podcast!

Digimon Seekers: Chapter 3-4
Seekers Fan Art on Official Site- October 7-13 Batch
Digimon Seekers: Chapter 3-5
Seekers Fan Art on Official Site- October 14-20 Batch
Digimon Seekers in December V-Jump

Digimon Dreamers: Chapter 17
Digimon Dreamers: Chapter 18

Adventure 02: The Beginning:
Adventure 02: The Beginning Trailer & Fathom Page
Adventure 02: The Beginning Promotional Clips
Adventure 02: The Beginning Screening Guests
Adventure 02: The Beginning In-Store Broadcasts
Adventure 02: The Beginning in Australia & New Zealand

Bandai Head Office Decorations & Adventure 02 Stream plus Hurricane Touchdown on YouTube in November and Adventure 02 Episodes Every Friday on YouTube

DigiNavi Adventure 02: The Beginning Special on October 26th
DigiNavi Adventure 02: The Beginning Teasers & Overview

Adventure 02: The Beginning Music Singles Covers & Details
Adventure 02: The Beginning Music Singles Physical Release

Adventure 02:
Adventure 02 Dub Streaming on YouTube to Promote Film
Adventure 02 Update: Episode Batches Releasing Weekly
Adventure 02 Batch #1- Episodes 17-19 & 21
Adventure 02 Batch #2- Episodes 26-29

Digimon Adventure Past & Future Panel Details
Hiromi Seki at NYCC for Past & Future Panel

Seekers Pulsemon BEMemory Dim Kudamon Sprite Previews

SCSA D-3 Introduction (Part 2) from MonMon Memo- Unused Armor Evolution Teases, Packaging Previews

Pendulum Color:
Pendulum Color 1 Line-Up Preview from MonMon Memo
Pendulum Color in December V-Jump

Adventure 02 Movie Triple Feature Theater Bonus

Digimon Partner Fan Meeting 3 Announced

Adventure & 02 Collaboration in Kotodaman Mobile Game- Cast List, Art, & More Details!

Card Previews & News:
V-mon, Wormmon, & Magnamon
Gurimon, Wanyamon, & Piyomon
PlatinumonSukamon, Etemon, & Megadramon
MetalGreymon X & MetalGreymon
Growmon, Coredramon, Commandramon, & Chrysalimon
Guilmon, Eyesmon: Scatter Mode, & Astamon
Kudamon, Brahmastra, & Option Card Heaven's Judgement
Palmon & Quartzmon
Omekamon & Option Card The Journey of Master and Disciple
Sistermon Blanc & Sistermon Noir
SaintGalgomon ACE
Option Card Double Typhoon
Tamer Card Jenrya
Various Updates (1)- New Booster Set 16 Details, English Adventure 02: The Beginning Cards at NYCC
Various Updates (2)- Tutorial App Updates with New Content, Adventure 02: The Beginning Accessory Set in 2024, JP Adventure 02: The Beginning Card Game Ad Update
English Card Game October-November Regionals- Prizes for North America, Latin America, Europe, & Oceania
Various Updates (3)- English BT-14 Comic Artist ACE Card Previews and English World Tour Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode ACE
English Holiday Event Cards, BT-14 Double Pack & Gift Sets
Digimon TCG in December V-Jump

Card Videos:
Card Battle #144- Team Event (Week 2)
Card Battle #145- Team Event (Week 3)

Digimon Partner Store Moves to Toei Animation Store

Precious GEM Mugendramon Figure Interview- Details from Planning & Development Staff

Cravi Digimon Milk Tea & Monogram International Keychains
Pulsemon & Gammamon BEMemory Dim Bundle

Adventure 02: The Beginning Big Can Badges from Brujula

Adventure 02: The Beginning Goods from Tsumugi Design

Adventure 02: The Beginning Pop-Up Shop in 0101

Specialty Drinks & Coffee at Theaters in Japan

Adventure 02: The Beginning Collab with Tenkaippin Ramen

Adventure 02: The Beginning in December V-Jump

Poll Results for Favorite Digimon Savers Lead Digimon Ultimate Form

Official Digimon Web Poll #87- Favorite Pendulum Group/Theme

Last Weekend's Saturday Post- Digimon Booth at NYCC, Dreamers Ch. 16 Preview, JP Adventure Collector Set Photos, Digimon Partners Halloween Event, Digimon Web Pendulum Banner, Chinese Figures & Pop-Up Shop, Chinese Stage Play Photos, Toei Museum Photos, AiM on Anime Stellar Radio Show, Cast Photo & Video Promo Shots, Adventure 02: The Beginning Art

Social Art & More- Dreamers Ch. 17 Preview, Chinese Digivice Toy, Digimon Figure Q Series 3, Narikiri World SCSA D-3 Display, Karatetsu Karaoke Photos, Tokyo Tower Collab Photos, Wald 9 & More Theaters Movie Displays, Bandai Head Office Digimon Display, Adventure 02: The Beginning Art by Yu Yuen-wong

We finish with some questions from the audience.

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This episode was recorded on October 23rd, 2023.

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