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Recent Episodes
Episode #86 - A Live Sea War Spectacular, also Hikari (Adventure: Episode 26 Discussion/Review)
Episode #85 - Don't Look Down (Adventure: Episode 25 Discussion/Review)
Episode #84 - Agumon, Have a Snickers (Adventure: Episode 24 Discussion/Review)
Episode #83 - Scratch My Back (Adventure: Episode 23 Discussion/Review)
Episode #82 - That Kid is Back on the Escalator Again (Adventure: Episode 22 Discussion/Review)
Episode #81 - Give That Mon a Hand (Adventure: Episode 21 Discussion/Review)
Episode #80 - Hang Ten & Cowabunga (Adventure: Episode 20 Discussion/Review)
Episode #79 - Long Live the King (Adventure: Episode 19 Discussion/Review)
Episode #78 - Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna Special, Review & Discussion
Episode #77 - Last Time on Something Something Z (Adventure: Episode 18 Discussion/Review)
Episode #71 - I Know Now Why You Cry (Adventure: Episode 12 Discussion/Review) Posted on 08/24/2020
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We're talking about Digimon Adventure: episode 12, Lilimon Blooms! On top of that we have your questions and a bunch of fun Digimon news including music, new figures, an interview to talk about, and more!

Plus Marc pulls out an old Digimon relic that causes everyone to lose what little composure they had!

Episode #70 - Neemon's Bogus Journey (Adventure: Episode 11 Discussion/Review) Posted on 08/17/2020
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In this episode we're talking about Digimon Adventure: episode 11, The Wolf Standing Atop the Desert! Plus the recent Digimon news and your questions!

Episode #69 - Walk the Dinosaur (Adventure: Episode 10 Discussion/Review) Posted on 08/10/2020
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This time we talk about Digimon Adventure: episode 10, The Steel-Solid Super Evolution! And on top of the news we have a new co-host! Devkyu!

Episode #68 - Ogre Up (Adventure: Episode 9 Discussion/Review) Posted on 08/03/2020
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This time we talk about Digimon Adventure: episode 9, The Ultimate Digimon Attacks! After that we have DigiFes to talk about & the news that came in its wake.

Episode #67 - Not My Towel! (Adventure: Episode 8 Discussion/Review) Posted on 07/27/2020
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This time we talk about Digimon Adventure: episode 8, The Children's Attack on the Fortress! After that we have a nice stack of news to go over, including a schedule for DigiFes, card game events, figures, music, and more! Plus we also talk about some changes coming to the show.

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