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Recent Episodes
Episode #205- Fiscals Before Summer (Digimon Seekers, General Updates, & More!)
Episode #204- The Adventure Will Be Subbed (Digimon Seekers, Digimon Adventure Subtitled Blu-rays, & More!)
Episode #203- Dripping with V-Pets & Newly Dubbed Anime (Digimon Seekers, Digimon Adventure: dub, & More!)
Episode #202- Longing for the Linker (Digimon Seekers Week of Daily Chapters)
Episode #201- Do Not Seek... (Digimon Seekers Begins)
Episode #200- Hiro & Gammamon and the Undiscovered Country (Ghost Game Episode 67 [Final] Discussion/Review)
Episode #199- Almost the End of Regulation (Ghost Game Episode 66 Discussion/Review, 1 Episode Left)
Episode #198- Waiting is the Hardest Part (Ghost Game Hiatus, 2 episodes left)
Episode #197- The Not So Nice Houseplant (Ghost Game Episode 65 Discussion/Review)
Episode #196- The Ghost Game is Finally Afoot (Ghost Game Episode 64 Discussion/Review)
Episode #150 - Discotek Does It (Digimon on Blu-ray Announced & Revenge of the Mystery Box) Posted on 03/15/2022
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No new Ghost Game episode this week, so AR & Dev watch discs from the mystery boxes, and all the recent news includes Digimon getting remastered Blu-rays in the US from Discotek!

Episode #149 - Getting a Head (Ghost Game Episode 21 Discussion/Review) Posted on 03/07/2022
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We talk about The Spider's Lure, episode 21 of Digimon Ghost Game! Plus the news includes anniversaries, plushies, cards, figures, & more!

Episode #148 - Digimon Con of the Top (Digimon Con & Ghost Game Episode 20 Discussion/Review) Posted on 02/28/2022
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We talk about The Prison of Fire, episode 20 of Digimon Ghost Game! Plus a lot of news including a bunch from Digimon Con! Digimon Adventure: dub, 02 movie art, game news, & more!

Episode #147 - Kill the Hedgehog (Ghost Game Episode 19 Discussion/Review) Posted on 02/21/2022
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We talk about The Witching Hour, episode 19 of Digimon Ghost Game! Plus the news includes cards, figures, Digimon Con news, & more!

Episode #146 - Peter Pan Spins a Whale of a Tale (Ghost Game Episode 18 Discussion/Review) Posted on 02/14/2022
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We talk about The Land of Children, episode 18 of Digimon Ghost Game! Plus the news includes a lot of product details including cards, figures, underpants, & we'll see what else!

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