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Episode #63 - That's A Knife (Adventure: Episode 4 Discussion/Review) Posted on 06/29/2020
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The hiatus is over and we talk about Digimon Adventure: episode 4, Birdramon Soars! On top of that, Digimon turns 23 and we have a bunch of news to go over!

Digimon is 23 Years Old!
Hulu Adds Digimon Adventure: Simulcast

Digimon Adventure: Episode 4 - Birdramon Soars!
Discussion Thread
Extended Preview for Episode 5

Digimon Adventure: Digivice- Pre-orders are open for Japan!
Pre-orders also open in the US!

Adventure: Opening & Insert Song CDs have been announced!

Pre-orders are also open for:
the Kizuna Original Soundtrack
the standard version of the Shodo figures

We have some nice images of Precious GEM Imperialdramon, who goes up for pre-orders soon
Digimon 20th x Raon Lee Cover Album Update

Images and Details for 3rd Wave of US V-Pets- 7 Colors, Releasing in October, No Details on Exclusive Egg(s) Yet
Extra US Release Details

Digital Monster Version Revival V-Pets Announced in Japan

Pendulum Z Folder Continent Report #4- Nature Spirits (Part 2)

Kenji Watanabe Original Art Reproduction Announced, plus the Summer of Digimon Goods

Results of Digimon Plush Poll

Kizuna Japanese Deluxe Blu-Ray Release Updates- Preview of Storyboards and a teaser for the audio drama

Card Previews:
Sora and Jou
Taichi and Yamato
Taiga and Rina
Greymon and MetalGreymon

Card Shows:
Card Battle Episode #7- Cody vs. Ogawa
Fun Digica Episode #22- What to Say Before a Match

New ReArise Partner Duo - Sara Shinkai and Bakumon

Piyomon Social Media Art & Birdramon by Kenji Watanabe

We finish with some questions from the audience.

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This episode was recorded on June 29th, 2020.

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