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Episode #35 - Survive Thanksgiving Posted on 07/29/2018
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After a short break, we're back with news from the past month, including the big news from Digimon Thanksgiving!

Digimon Thanksgiving happened!
Digimon is 21 Years Old
Products on sale at Digimon Thanksgiving
Digimon Featured at newly opened Toei Animation Museum- Some nice Digimon touches!
Digimon Adventure Escape Room Announced- Some fun for those visiting Japan in September.
New 20th Anniversary Pendulums and a Pendulum Art Book are up to order and we have the details!
More Pendulum and Art Book Details- RagnaLordmon, Art Book Sample Pages and Previews, Digimon Designer Round Table, and Password to get Ophanimon Falldown Mode in the Pendulums
Capsule Mascot Gacha Figure Updates- Series 3 is out and Series 5 was announced in V-Jump plus a BlitzGreymon figure from Premium Bandai!

Digivolving Spirits Alphamon is Out! We got an extended look and preview for him from a recent touch and try event!
Digivolving Spirits #07 is HolyAngemon! Early Info from a display, Announced and on display at SDCC, and, Our best look yet, plus pre-order details!
We got to see a Digivolving Spirits Garudamon prototype, plus Beelzebumon art!
GEM Figure Updates- WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon have been delayed, Test shot images of MetalGarurumon, Prototype images of Angewomon Holy Arrow Version, and in color at Digimon Thanksgiving!
Premium Bandai is doing a new survey with questions for GEM and V-Tamer products. Plus a fan vote for new X-Antibody Digimon! Plus the X-Antibody story has been re-added to the Digimon website, with some interesting teases.

Digimon ReArise released in Japan! Plus right before it came out, we got new character details, plus an image of a shikishi.
A big ReArise statue is on display right now! Plus some Twitter campaigns, and our first listen to Junko Noda returning to the role of V-mon!
Digimon Survive, a brand new Digimon game, has been announced! We already have a good number of details about the game! Plus the official website is open and we have some staff info and clean art!
At Digimon Thanksgiving we got a lot more survive news! We have a trailer and two game clips, we got to see new characters, details on how many Digimon there are... just a bunch!

Complete Selection Animation Digivice 1999 Announced! The newest CSA Digivice goes back to Adventure! Plus even more details from MonMon Memo!
They're also going to make Mimi's hat! It'll come with newly recorded audio with Mimi and Palmon's original VAs!
They're making a new lifesize Terriermon Plush plus new ties with crest patterns!

The tri. glasses come with Adventure themed wipes and the Sora glasses have been delayed for a bit.
King of System Karaoke tri. Part 6 Products are for Sale Online
tri. Stage Play Airing on TV August 2nd
A tri. Memorial Book will be out in August!
Digimon at Anime Expo 2018! Details of Digimon at AX, plus some photos and quite a few more photos!
Shout announced a tri. boxset at SDCC and there was an exclusive Digimon card at Jump Victory Carnival
At Ani-Com 2018 Tamashii has a massive booth, with Digimon front and center at the entrance!
We have details and images for the upcoming Digimon Funko Pops!
A new Garurumon shirt is available now!

US Digimon Adventure tri. Part 5 Blu-ray Breakdown- Review with scans and screencaps.
tri. Part 6, Tamers, and Frontier have been announced for release in the UK!, tri. Part 5 is coming out right now in the UK, and tri. Part 4 is 2 weeks away in Australia.

Digimon Squishables are available to order for $25 each.
Review and Images of Digimon Squishables!
Our Squishable contest is over, our UK tri. Part 5 contest is over, and our Australian tri. Part 4 contest is still open for a bit longer. The contests have had fantastic entries so far and hopefully we get more in our first Australian contest!

A Digimon Frontier Blu-ray Box has been announced!

More Details for Wada Kouji Memorial Live! Clean logo, plus details of which Digimon series will be involved. Some sort of fan participation will be announced for the event soon.
A bunch of Mamoru Hosoda news! With his new film being released a number of things relevant to Digimon fans have popped up! He was invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Toei Channel aired his various Digimon works, a Hosoda Film Festival and Gallery has begun, including screenings of Our War Game, and a special screening of Summer Wars and Our War Game happened prior to the film festival with some special treats.

New Digimon Project Mentioned in Toei Briefing

and the big news...

Our first solid details on the new Digimon anime! It's a currently untitled Digimon Adventure theatrical project, and we have a few interesting details, and our first look at Taichi and Yamato in it.

With all the news and Digimon Thanksgiving we didn't have a formal topic this time past that stuff.

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