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Episode #224- Close to Liberation (Digimon Dreamers, Liberator, News, & More!) Posted on 01/29/2024
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This time we will be talking about new Digimon Seekers, LOTS of Digimon Liberator & card updates, polls, V-Jump, pop-up shops, & tons more!

Digimon Seekers:
Digimon Seekers: Chapter 4-6
Digimon Seekers: Chapter 4-7
Digimon Seekers in March V-Jump

Podcast Episode 223 Show Notes- Quick Art Overview from Last Time Due to Technical Issues: Tamers Collector BD Set Photos, Digimon Updates from Discotek, Dreamers Ch. 24 Preview, January Social Art, Various New Years Art, Naoki Akamine Art Pieces

Digimon in Toei Third Fiscal Quarter (Ending in December) 2024 Report

Wada Kouji's 50th Birthday

Digimon Partner Fan Meeting Roundtable Announced- Bandai Co. HQ on March 16th at 4pm (JST)

25th Anniversary Fan Project Announced

"100 Minutes of Digimon Calling Your Name" Project Details

Digimon 15 Second Analyze- Majiramon, Gotsumon, Rukamon, Mammon, SaberLeomon

Card Previews & News:
Lucemon Falldown Mode
Belphemon: Rage Mode
Gate of Deadly Sins, Beelzebumon, Demon, & Ogudomon
Ophanimon ACE
Option Card Tensei Kaikai
Option Card Phantom Pain
Mastermon ACE
Early V-Jump Card Previews
Digimon TCG in March V-Jump
English Booster Set 17 Secret Crisis
Japanese Booster Set 17 Secret Crisis Details
Digimon Liberator Character Details & Card Previews
Digimon Liberator Story Details & Clean Art
Digimon Liberator Teaser Art & New Characters
TCG News from Next Plan Presentation 2024
Digimon at Bandai Card Games Fest 23-24 Lost Angeles
Ayumi Miyazaki at Bandai Card Games Fest 23-24 Los Angeles
English Digimon Card Game Ultimate Cup 2024 Details

Card Videos:
Card Battle #156- EX Rules Highlander Deck Battle
Card Battle #157- EX Rules Highlander Deck Battle

Adventure Products in March V-Jump

Anibirth Digimon Corner Store Announced

Digimon Adventure Sharing Food Product Details

Poll Results for Favorite Monthly Digimon Social Art

Official Digimon Web Poll #94- Favorite Digimon Added to the Reference Book in 2023 (Part 2)

Last Weekend's Saturday Post- Kenji Watanabe at Umbriacon, TCG Tournament Photos, Hideyoshi at Tournament, Reference Book Updates

Social Art & More- Miyazaki at Card Game Fest, Chinese Cosplay Figures, Chinese Ichiban Kuji, Digimon World Social Art

We finish with some questions from the audience.

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The podcast audio is the livestream clipped out, with an intro and outtro added, along with some tweaking to try and improve audio quality.

This episode was recorded on January 29th, 2024.

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