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This time we will be talking about the 62nd episode of Digimon Ghost Game, The Strange Floor, and the news has cards, the anniversary book & more product updates, how the brand is doing, plus poll info!

Ghost Game:
Digimon Ghost Game 62- The Phantom Floor
Discussion Thread
Preview for Episode 62

Digimon Shows Staying on Hulu

Digimon Con:
Digimon Con 2023 Trailer and Schedule
Michihiko Ohta Performing with AiM at Digimon Con 2023

Ghost Game Guide Listings for Episodes 63-65

Digimon in Toei Fiscal Third Quarter Period (Ending in December) 2023 Report

Anime Japan 2023

Digital Monsters 25th Anniversary Book Preview Image & Pre-Order Details- Shipping February 24th

Card Previews & News:
PawnChessmon (White) and KnightChessmon (White)
BishopChessmon (White) and KingChessmon
Caprimon & Phascomon
Porcupamon & Astamon
Fun Digica #163 Previews- Belphemon: Sleep Mode, Belphemon: Rage Mode, Tamer Card Kurata, Option Card Gift of Darkness
Liolmon, Liamon, & LoaderLeomon
BanchoLeomon & Tamer Card Suguru
Plotmon & Mikemon
Duftmon & Duftmon: Leopard
Pinamon, Piyomon, & Aquilamon
Garudamon & Tamer Card Chika
Falcomon, Peckmon, & Tamer Card Ikuto
Yatagaramon & Ravemon
Ravemon: Burst Mode, Budmon, Lalamon, & Tamer Card Yoshino
Sunflowmon, Lilamon, & Rosemon
Rosemon: Burst Mode
Shawujinmon & JumboGamemon
ULForceV-dramon & Magnamon
KingEtemon & PrinceMamemon
Examon, Option Card Royal Knights' Purge, Omegamon, & Omekamon
Tyumon, PlatinumSukamon, & Great King Sukamon
English Booster RB-01 Details- August 18th, Just the New Cards
English Ultimate Cup 2023 Prizes & Registration Details

Card Videos:
Fun Digica #163- Booster Set 13 Card Previews
Fun Digica #164- Booster Set 13 Card Previews
Card Battle #111- RB-01 Match

Look Up Gabumon & Patamon Figures:
Premium Bandai Exclusive Version with Cushiones
General Release Pre-Order Details

Digimon Journal #10- Siriusmon, Pulsemon, & Craniummon

Poll Results for Favorite Digimon Added to Reference Book in 2022 (Part 1)

Profile Art & More-Jump Festa Quick Tour, Digimon Con 2023, 2023 Lantern Festival, February Social Art, Ghost Game Episode 62 Profile Art & Social Media Art

We finish with some questions from the audience.

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