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Episode #193- Zeed & the Zombie (Ghost Game Episode 61 Discussion/Review) Posted on 01/29/2023
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This time we will be talking about the 61st episode of Digimon Ghost Game, Resurrection, and the news has a new Digimon Journal, cards, check-ins with Survive & the Vital Bracelet, music, plus a new official poll!

Digimon Ghost Game 61- Resurrection
Discussion Thread
Preview for Episode 62

Ghost Game Original Soundtrack Cover
Music Video for Ghost Game ED6, 'Take Me Maybe' by Penthouse

Digimon Fan Meetup Update- Display Details, Giveaways, & Kenji Watanabe Signing & Photo Session

Vital Bracelet January Battle Event Announced for VB Arena App

Survive Pre-order DLC Available to buy:
Survive Pre-Order DLC Available to Purchase on Steam
Survive Pre-Order DLC Available to Purchase on Switch, Playstation, and Xbox

Card Previews & News:
Angoramon, Tamer Card Ruli, & Siriusmon
Clean Images of... Booster Set RB-01 Rising Wind, Tamer Battle Pack 16, Special Promo Pack 2023 v1, Frontier 20th Memorial Set, Saikyo Jump Ghost Game Promos
Booster Set RB-01 Clean Parallel Cards & Printable Playmat
Kyaromon, Kudamon, & Tamer Card Satsuma
Reppamon & Tyilinmon
Angoramon & Jellymon
SymbareAngoramon & TeslaJellymon
Lamortmon & Thetismon
GeoGreymon & ShineGreymon
ShineGreymon: Burst Mode
Gotsumon, Gladimon, & Giromon
RhodoKnightmon & Dynasmon
Gizmon: AT & Gizmon: XT
Gaomon, Gaogamon, & Tamer Card Touma
MachGaogamon & MirageGaogamon
MirageGaogamon: Burst Mode
Booster Set 13 Promo Poster Previews & 3rd Anniversary Update Pack- Rosemon, Dracomon, Destromon
Tamers Selection Box Evolution Cup 2022 V2
Bandai Card Festival 2023- Memorial Collection Digimon Adventure 02, Special Battle Area Set 2023

Card Videos:
Fun Digica #162- Booster Set RB-01 Match
Card Battle #110- New Year's Battle (Part 4)

Digimon Journal #9- Jesmon, Gankoomon, & Espimon

Official Digimon Web Poll #70- Favorite Digimon Added to Reference Book in 2022 (Part 2)

Profile Art & More- Ghost Game Clip Video, Miyazaki & Watanabe Photos, Volcano Ota Social Art, Ghost Game Episode 61 Profile Art

We finish with some questions from the audience.

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This episode was recorded on January 29th, 2023.

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