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Episode #186- The Curse of BlackSaintGalgomon (Ghost Game Episode 54 Discussion/Review) Posted on 12/05/2022
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This time we will be talking about the 54th episode of Digimon Ghost Game, Second Sight, and the news has cards, game updates, new Digimon, figures, & more!

The Youtube version cuts out early due to technical issues, the podcast version of the show continues on further.

Digimon Ghost Game 54- Second Sight
Discussion Thread
Preview for Episode 55

Digimon Survive Sell 500,000 Units

Digimon World: Next Order Steam Page Goes Live

Discotek Blu-Ray Stuff:
Japanese Set Being Worked On
Dubbed Set Almost Here

Card Previews & News:
Agumon & Gaomon
GeoGreymon & Gaogamon
MetalGreymon (Virus) & WereGarurumon (Black)
Agumon Hakase & Fake Agumon Hakase
Youkomon & Doumon
Cherubimon (Virtue)
Option Card Heaven's Judgement
Greymon & MailBirdramon
Option Cards Trident Gaia & Fullmetal Blaze
BlackRapidmon & BlackSaintGalgomon Magazine Previews
Card Sleeve 2022 Version 2.0 Set Preview
Clean Packaging for Booster Set EX-04 Alternative Being
Booster Set 13 VS Royal Knights on February 24th
Dilbitmon & Amphimon Magazine Previews
Amphimon & Dilbitmon Promo Cards

Card Videos:
Card Battle #103- Starter Deck 14 Unboxing & Purple Battle

Precious GEM Our War Game Omegamon 2023 Version

Official Digimon Web Poll #66- 2nd Favorite Digimon TV Anime Theme Song

Profile Art & More-Gammamon BEMemory Lineup, Digimon Dreamers Images, Floral Ichiban Kuji in China, Ghost Game Episode 54 Profile Art

We finish with some questions from the audience.

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This episode was recorded on December 5th, 2022.

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