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Episode #185- Kiyoshiro Plays Baal (Ghost Game Episode 53 Discussion/Review) Posted on 11/28/2022
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This time we will be talking about the 53rd episode of Digimon Ghost Game, King of Knowledge, and the news has cards, the Vital Bracelet with the Arena app, new figures, Black Friday deals, a new Journal, & more!

Some technical issues this week, especially with the Youtube version of the show.

Digimon Ghost Game 53- King of Knowledge
Discussion Thread
Preview for Episode 54

Vital Bracelet:
Vital Bracelet BE Release Videos, Promos, & Interview
Digivice VV Training Diary (Part 3) from MonMon Memo
Vital Bracelet Arena App is Out
Vital Bracelet Arena App Preview Video
Early Angoramon BEMemory Details
Angoramon BEMemory Pre-Orders & Dilbitmon Preview

Card Previews & News:
Alternate Parallel Previews- Shoutmon x7: Superior Mode & DarknessBagramon
Clean Parallel Cards & Printable Playmat
Omegamon Alter-S
Chocomon & Lopmon
Turuiemon & Antylamon
Guilmon & BlackGrowmon
BlackMegaloGrowmon & ChaosDukemon
Greymon & Garurumon
Agumon (Black) & Gabumon (Black)
Cherubimon (Vice) & Option Card Tainted Hero
Promo Poster Previews- Fake Agumon Hakase and Tamer Card Yamato & Taichi
Siriusmon Promo Card- Better Preview

Card Videos:
Fun Digica #155- Booster Set 12 Unpacking
Card Battle #102- Booster Set 12 Anime Hero Battle

Precious GEM WereGarurumon & Omegamon 2023 Version Announced

Black Friday 2022 Digimon Deals

Digimon Journal #5- Agumon, Arresterdramon: Superior Mode, & DarkKnightmon

Profile Art & More, Reference Book Updates, Toei Museum Clip, Episode Behind the Scenes, Ghost Game Episode 53 Profile Art

We finish with some questions from the audience.

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This episode was recorded on November 28th, 2022.

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