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Episode #155 - That Strange & Interesting Plant (Ghost Game Episode 24 Discussion/Review) Posted on 05/02/2022
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We talk about Twisted Love, episode 24 of Digimon Ghost Game! Plus the news includes cards, figures, & more!

Digimon Ghost Game: Episode 24- Twisted Love
Discussion Thread
Ghost Game Special Next Week- A Strange World as Told by Naoto Takenaka

Digimon Seasons 1 through 4 Scheduled to Leave Hulu in Under 2 Weeks

Partners Products Updates- Life Size Plushes, Phone Case, Otedama, & Premium Music Box

Premium Bandai US New Wave Pre-Orders- SCSA D-Arks, Vital Bracelet White, Dynamotion, The Digimon, Shodo Alphamon

Japanese Card Game Previews & News:
Option Cards Flying Hero! & The Immortal Champion
Fun Digica Previews- Greymon, MetalGreymon, Tamer Card Kiriha, Option Card Blazing Memory Boost!!, MetalGreymon (Parallel)
Deckerdramon & DeckerGreymon
Option Card Plasma Deckerdra Launcher
Kokuwamon & Gazimon
Jesmon X
Option Card Burning Star Crusher
Tamer Cards Akari & Zenjirou
BloomLordmon & Option Card Gran del Sol
Thetismon & Lamortmon
Tinkermon & Darcmon
Tamers Goods Set 5- Pre-Orders Open, Ships in June

Card Game Videos:
Fun Digica #128- Booster Set 10 Card Previews
Card Battle #75- Sayaka Strengthening Project (Part 2) & Goodbye to Goto P

Previous New Century Silhouette Digimon Based on Bian Lian

Jogress Evolution & Susanoomon Intro from MonMon Memo

Adventure DXF Yamato & Takeru Figure Pre-Orders Available in US- Releasing February 2023

GEM Taichi & Agumon 20th Anniversary Version Re-release Announced

Digimon Profile #32- The Other-Dimensional Digital World of Witchelny

Official Digimon Web Poll #52- Favorite Beast Spirit Hybrid Digimon

Profile Art & More- Ajatarmon Profile Art

We finish with some questions from the audience.

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