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We talk about Soaring Hope, the 32nd episode of Digimon Adventure:! Plus recent news includes cards, v-pets, art, & more!

Digimon Adventure: Episode 32- Soaring Hope
Discussion Thread
Extended Preview for Episode 33

Card Previews:
Japanese Cards:
Booster Set 5 Packaging, Agumon, & Greymon
Tamer Nokia
Tamer Takumi
Gabumon & Garurumon
Terriermon Joshu & Fake Agumon Hakase
Starmons, ShootingStarmon, & SuperStarmon
First Look at MetalGreymon: Alterous Mode & WereGarurumon: Sagittarius Mode

English Cards:
Biyomon, Veemon, Salamon, Aruraumon, Commandramon, & Shamanmon
Garudamon, MegaSeadramon, Antylamon, JewelBeemon, Giromon, & Arukenimon
English Card Game Tournament Pack V.1 & Tamer Battle Pack 1

Card Videos:
Fun Digica #65- Plant vs. Blue Source Deck
Card Battle #14- Team Competition (Part 2)

English Card Game Delays & Fun Digica English Questionnaire

Komondomon in Pendulum Z2 Metal Empire

Poll Results for Choose Your Favorite Vital Bracelet Activity & Update to History of LCD Toys on Digimon Web

Vital Bracelet New Digimon & Training Methods from MonMon Memo & Reference Book Update- Bulkmon, Exermon, Runnemon, and Namakemon

Social Art, Kenji Watanabe Art, Reference Book Updates and More- Pegasmon Art, Imperialdramon Model Kit Box & photos, Meeting Cafe Postcards, Adventure: Manhua, & Konaka Twitter

We finish with some questions from the audience.

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This episode was recorded on January 18th, 2021.

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