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Episode #61 - Devkyu Attacks Posted on 06/08/2020
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The last few weeks have had some fun Digimon news for us to talk about. Some highlights are a cast update for Kizuna (not to mention a delay), V-Tamer news, Digimon is back on Hulu, a bunch of card game updates, and a new V-Pet is coming!

Adventure: Returned from Hiatus on June 7th with episode 1
Special Clip, Character Intros and Previews. Show previews give us some interesting teasers
Chiai Fujikawa Livestream Concert. The concert featured the Adventure: ED, but they took it down. hopefully it goes back up.

Japanese Home Video Release of Kizuna is on September 2nd. A bunch more news, including an 02 audio drama!
Shout! Store Cancelling Kizuna Orders
Theater Expansion in Japan and Hong Kong Box Office
Brian Donovan Not Returning for Kizuna
Neil Kaplan Not Returning for Kizuna

A new V-Pet has been announced, the Pendulum Z!
Digimon Pendulum Z Details, including pre-orders!
Folder Continent Report. The 1st of these revealed the lineup for one of the Pendulum Z V-Pets

Translated Interviews with Tenya Yabuno and Atsuhiro Tomioka

Poll Results for "Favorite Movie Thing"

Official Poll for Digimon So Cute You Want A Stuffed Animal of It

Butter-Fly (Kizuna Release Version) CD & DVD- Scans & Product Breakdown

Hiatus Leadup:
Week 6- Space Pirate Captain Harlock and City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes
Week 7- Lucky Star

Card Game News:
Booster 2 Packaging
Card Battle Episode #3- Hideyoshi vs. Cody
Card Battle Episode #4- Hideyoshi vs. Ogawa
Fun Digica #18- Viewer Suggestion Battle
Fun Digica #19- Viewer Suggestion Battle 2

Product News:
Figure-Rise Standard Amplified Imperialdramon
Precious GEM Angemon
New Adventure: Products for August up to Pre-order including a stack of phone products and keychains, etc.
Adventure: in Toei 2021 TV Animation Calendar with New Artwork
New Digimon Drinking Glass Set Released in Australia

Social Art:
Social Media Art, Art by Yu Yuen-wong and Tomohisa Taguchi, and Coloring Art

We finish with some questions from the audience.

Thanks to Devkyu for being on the show this time.

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This episode was recorded on June 8th, 2020.

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