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Episode #59 - Quick! Change the Channel! Posted on 05/04/2020
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We go over a lot of recent news in this episode. Plus there is the Digimon Adventure: special compilation! Digimon Adventure: is still on hiatus, but episode discussions will return when it does.

We were testing some new audio filtering in this episode, so there may be some small growing pains.

Digimon Seasons 1 thru 4 are coming to Hulu
Various Digimon films are streaming for free in Japan!

Digimon Adventure::
Digimon Adventure: content in June V-Jump
Digimon Adventure: Going on Hiatus
Adventure: Special Streaming Subbed in English, includes look at future episodes

Kizuna on Home Video July 7th, Cast Details
Last Evolution Kizuna Pre-Orders at Amazon
Jeff Nimoy & Anna Garduno are back! Plus maybe more...
New Clean Kizuna Character Art

Adventure: ED Theme Available Digitally in the US
Michihiko Ohta Performing Brave Heart
Michihiko Ohta Performing Endless Tale
Michihiko Ohta Performing Believer
Michihiko Ohta Performing Target
Michihiko Ohta Performing Slash
Michihiko Ohta Performing Biggest Dreamer

Even if We're Apart CD Breakdown

Brave Heart -Last Evolution Version- CD Breakdown

Digimon Survive Not Delayed?
Survive Clean Art and Profiles for Miu and Shakomon
Better Quality Key Art, Updated Miu and Shakomon
HeavyLeomon and Other New Characters for Survive
ReArise in June V-Jump

Card Game: (There have been so many card game updates!)
Digimon TCG Promo Cards
Starter Deck and Promo Cards
Booster Park Art Update
Omegamon Art
Tyranomon and Kokuwamon
Cerberumon and Koemon
Tanemon and Tinkermon
AtlurKabuterimon and Option Card Testament
MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon
Garudamon and Birdramon
Giga Blaster
Seraphimon and SlashAngemon
Digitamamon and Chirinmon
WarGreymon: Brave Shield and Brave Tornado
Taichi, Yamato, Takeru, Koushirou, Mimi and Parallel Tamer Cards
Hellfire, Upamon, Agumon Hakase, Patamon, D'Arcmon, GranKuwagamon, WarGreymon, Nail Crusher and Flow Cannon
Cupimon and Caromon
Digimon TCG Rules Video
Digimon TCG in June V-Jump

Fun Digica, the Digimon Card Game Youtube show has had a bunch of episodes released!:
Episode #3 - Cocytus Blue Starter Deck
Episode #4 - Heavens Yellow Starter Deck
Episode #5 - Starter Deck Battle (Part 1)
Episode #6 - Starter Deck Battle (Part 2)
Episode #7 - Free Play Battle from the Teaching App
Episode #8 - Rule Questions
Episode #9 - Starter Deck Battle (Part 3)
Episode #10 - Mixed Deck Match
Episode #11 - Level Mismatch Battle
Episode #12 - Booster 1: New Evolution

Digimon Chronicle X:
Final Chapter

The Kizuna & : leadup ended with... Week 35- Konosuba

We started a new one for the hiatus and week 2 just began:
Week 1- NG Knight Lamune & 40
Week 2- Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie

Collaboration Updates:
Nazotomo and Ani-On Remain Closed
Kizuna Ani-On Part 2 Content at Torumo
Kizuna Limited Base Pop-Up Shops Being Extended
Limited Base Ikebukuro Location Closed

Product Announcements and Updates:
New Bandai Site Features Digimon
Digimon Shikishi Art Collection Images
General Pre-Order and More Art Samples
Adventure: Digivice Updates in June V-Jump
Battle Spirits Digimon Card Sleeves
Various Adventure: Products Up for Pre-Order
Adventure: Can Badges and Acrylic Charms
Adventure and 02 Shoulder Pen Cases
Adventure: Apparel and Accessories by Cospa
BlackWarGreymon Figure-Rise Standard Amplified
Tokomon X Figure Update
Megahouse Digimon Products Delayed
GEM Tamers Figures Rereleased
DigiColle MIX Announced
GEM BlackWarGreymon Back, Cybersleuth Complete $30 on Steam

A bunch of social art and photos have been posted by Bandai, or people affiliate with the brand lately:
Algomon (Child) and Omegamon art from Volcano Ota
More Social Media Art and Algomon (Adult)
Adventure: x One Piece Art from Kappei Yamaguchi
Algomon Rough Design from Soh Moriyama
More Social Media Art and 02 Character Clock
ULForceV-Dramon from Tenya Yabuno
Bandai Art, Script, and Adventure: Coloring Art
More Social Art and Heroes Comparison from Kakudou

V-Tamer Special Chapter Updates:
V-Tamer Digimon TCG Promo Cards in July V-Jump
V-Tamer One Chapter Special in July V-Jump
New V-Tamer Chapter is a Crossover with Adventure:

We finish with some questions from the audience.

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