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Episode #44 - Something Something Pterodactyl Posted on 04/13/2019
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This time we discuss all the recent 20th Anniversary news, plus a small wave of Digimon Frontier, including the new Blu-ray box.

This episode has a few audio kinks in it, sorry about that.

May V-Jump- A small V-Jump month with the primary new details being Dukemon in ReArise and the final Pendulum passcode.
Digimon Characters acting as Mascots for Hong Kong Youth Soccer Tournaments
The Heisei era is ending and Michihiko Ohta did a final concert for it.
Suzuko Mimori & Kazuchika Okada Marry

2nd Wave of Village Vanguard Digimon Adventure 20th Products in April & May
A few different GraffArt product updates!Spend 2,000 yen at GraffArt to get postcard featuring the key art! Plus Various GraffArt products up for pre-order for expanded full release in May.
The 2nd Adventure Escape Room announced it's collaboration products! Plus participation stickers.

Adventure Hikarigaoka Station Display Renovated

Various show anniversaries!:
Zero-Two turned 19 and Savers turned 13 on April 2nd!
Tamers turned 18 on April 1st!
Frontier turned 17 on April 7th!
20th Anniversary DVD Set in Australia

Digimon at Anime Japan 2019! At the event there was a huge Digimon 20th display with things from the entire history of the anime!
Digivolving Spirits Garudamon on display at AnimeJapan. It's been awhile since any Digivolving Spirits news, so to see a new figure nearly finished is fun.
Digimon Talk at MegaHobby Expo 2019 Spring- Chiaka Matsuzawa and Kenji Watanabe will be discussing various figures from the brand, plus Precious GEM BlackWarGreymon and the plush Mochimon will be on sale.
Precious GEM Angewomon Holy Arrow Version- Breakdown and Photos

Otomedia Plus Spring 2019 issue has Adventure 20th Film Feature
April Fools 20th Film Poster
Vintage Frontier Poster Art- Grey image features the Ten Ancient Warriors and 4 more featuring variou spirits plus Susanoomon.

A bunch of early Frontier artwork!:
Arbormon, Petaldramon, Mercuremon, Sephirothmon, Ranamon, Calamaramon, Grottemon, Gigasmon, Fairymon, Marsmon, plus an unused design
Blitzmon and Bolgmon
Flamon and Vritramon
Garmmon and a form of the spirit of light

Digimon Frontier BD-Box! Scans, Screencaps, & Discussion! & Audio Drama Translation!

We also have a conversation about the new Digimon Frontier audio drama and our thoughts about it.

We finish with some questions from the audience.

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The podcast audio is the livestream clipped out, with an intro and outtro added, along with some tweaking to try and improve audio quality.

This episode was recorded on April 13th, 2019.

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