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Episode #31 - We Want All The Figures Posted on 04/28/2018
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Less than a week until tri. Part 6 is out! Marc and May go over all the recent news, including a bunch of tri. events, in the lead up to the finale of tri. Plus a discussion about Digivolving Spirits!

AR isn't around for this episode, he will be back next time.

Are Digimon Funko Pops Coming?
A lifesize Gabumon Plush has been announced! Pre-orders are open!
Digivice Rubber Keychains! Pre-orders open now, out in August!
Exclusive Adventure Products at Village Vanguard- Shirts and tote bags
Adventure Ichiban Kuji Plushes! It's an online gashapon basically.
Various previews of Battle Spirits cards including: Better images of the promo poster with Merciful Mode, tri. Ultimates and 02 Jogress in V-Jump, Agumon, Gabumon, and Omegamon, plus the beginning of a wave of high quality card images!

Mona Marshall Explains How She Created Izzy's Voice!
Digimon Tabletop RPG Show One-Off Announced!

Digimon Adventure tri. Part 4 Loss is out in the US! UK release in a few days!
Contest- Digimon Adventure tri. Part 4 Loss Blu-ray Combo Packs. Ends tomorrow!

Mobile Game Updates- The player characters in ReArise and Merciful Mode is in Linkz!
Wada Kouji Memorial Live Concert Announced for August

tri. Part 6 Tokuban was yesterday! There was a preview of Part 6, plus more cast drawings!
Adventure Marathon to Celebrate tri. Part 6 on nico
tri. Stage Play DVD Talk & Meet Event Happened.
Tasting Menu at tri. Music Cafe in Ani-On Station Final Party!
Bikkuriman Stickers
tri. Part 6 Twitter Campaigns from Namco and Toei
CSA Digivice tri. Memorial Pre-Orders Open! Pre-orders close June 23rd and it ships in October!

tri. Part 6 Theater Gift Images! Postcards and shikishis! Plus an Ordinemon card!
tri. Part 6 at the Shinjuku Wald 9! Another Cafe! Plus products on display!
tri. Glasses! Out August 1st and reasonably priced!
More Products at Fifth tri. Pop-Up Shop! Plus even more products, using early tri. artwork!
tri. Magazine Special- To celebrate the end of tri. a special magazine is being released with a bunch of info and interviews.
tri. Freak's Store Collaboration Products! Shirts, straps, and a nice shoulder bag.

tri. Part 6 At King of System Karaoke Details! Themed menu, packs, and products!
Early tri. Screening with Director Keitaro Motonaga and Kenji Watanabe
Day 1 tri. Part 6 Screenings with cast guests! The guests are: Yoshimasa Hosoya (Yamato), Mayumi Yamaguchi (Gabumon), Suzuko Mimori (Sora), Mutsumi Tamura (Koushiro), Hitomi Yoshida (Mimi), Junya Ikeda (Jou), and Miho Arakawa (Meiko.)

Week 2 tri. Part 6 Screenings with cast guests! The guests are: Natsuki Hanae (Taichi), Yoshimasa Hosoya (Yamato), Chika Sakamoto (Agumon), and Mayumi Yamaguchi (Gabumon.)

Digivolving Spirits AtlurKabuterimon is up to pre-order! Plus 3 weeks until Angewomon is out!

Our topic this week is discussing everything Digivolving Spirits, almost a year to the day the line was announced! How do we feel about the figures so far? What do we expect to see? Hope to see?

We also take a few questions from the audience!

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A.R. can be found at Digimon: System Restore.

May can be found at LostinTranslationmon. You can find the Digivolving Spirits photo she mentioned Twitter.

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This episode was recorded on April 28th, 2018.

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