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Episode #29 - tri. Harder Posted on 03/24/2018
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Marc, AR, and May go through a ton of Digimon news. With tri. Part 6 a little over a month away, Toei and Bandai are just unleashing a tsunami of Digimon at us.

Digivolving Spirits 02 MetalGarurumon- Breakdown, Scans, and Photos
Our Jeff Nimoy Podcast Special

Digimon Adventure Premiered 19 Years Ago! Plus a few other parts of the franchise have anniversaries.
MetalGarurumon & Yamato Precious GEM Figure Images, Info, and Pre-Orders. It's a shiny and expensive figure.
20th Pendulum Updates! We have a bunch this time including Digimon you can only get via passwords, a general overview of the egg/version layouts, plus battle mode enemies, information about Rudomon's Ultimate Bryweludramon, plus an interview with Kenji Watanabe.
Hey look, the Digimon tie clips and ties are back, plus the Omegamon watch!
A preview of Digivolving Spirits Alphamon, plus the Diablomon Festival! Diablomon is out in Japan so Bandai decided to celebrate.

Digimon Links is back! After being down for a few weeks the game is back up! Plus anime versions of Agumon and Gabumon are coming soon!
So much Digimon ReArise news! The opening animation, pre-registration, character profiles, Twitter contests plus some game and story details from V-Jump.
Images of the tickets for Show You My Brave Hearts Vol. 3. Each is customized to the location.
Nice Preview of the cover for the new Digimon Tamers audio drama. The Blu-ray box it's included with is out in less than 2 weeks.
The big Terriermon crane plush looks better in real life. This isn't news... just a fact.
More new crane game prizes for April! tri. Dress-Up Plushes and some Sprite Rubber Keychains

tri. Art from April Animedia. Hopefully a better image of this one shows up soon.
Lifesize Agumon Plush! He looks squeezeably soft and has giant eyebrow ridges.
tri. Part 4 is out on home video in the UK on April 30th
The tri. Part 5 King of System Products are on sale. Can Badges, Acrylic Keychains, and Die Cut Stickers!

More Details and a Photo from a tri. Part 6 Cast Screening featuring AiM, Miho Arakawa (Meiko), and Yukiko Morishita (Meicoomon)! Plus images of all the tri. scripts and details of upcoming interviews.
3rd tri. Music Cafe Announced! This time there will be 3 locations, and the theme is the Chosen Children having a part for the fans!

tri. Part 6 Updates- A nice 90 second trailer, plus a theater list. Then we have a preview of the new version of Butter-Fly, and the formal announcement of Omegamon Merciful Mode.
An early preview screening of tri. Part 6 will be on April 6th! Natsuki Hanae (Taichi), Yoshimasa Hosoya (Yamato), and Junya Enoki (Takeru) will be there!

Digimon is at Anime Japan 2018! A few exclusive products are on sale, but random packed and Toei is giving away postcards. We also have photos of the booth!
And the booth has new images of the Complete Selection Animation Digivice tri. Memorial and the new tri. Rubber straps!

If you want one of the Digimon Adventure tri. postcards Victor has stacks and stacks of, he's trying to sell them cheaply here.

And the photo May shared during the show that was labeled in chat as 'important' that we discussed can be found here.

We didn't do a topic this week, but based on requests after we gave a short explanation a couple episodes ago, we go over in detail how we put the podcast together.

We also take your questions!

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A.R. can be found at Digimon: System Restore and will be working on Digimon All-Stars as he mentioned on the show.

May can be found at LostinTranslationmon

The podcast audio is the livestream clipped out, with an intro and outtro added, along with some tweaking to try and improve audio quality. We tried a few new things this episode, let us know what you think.

This episode was recorded on March 24th, 2018.

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