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This time we will be talking about Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning, Digimon the Movies & Season 2 on Blu-ray from Discotek, Seekers & Dreamers, & just the massive wave of recent news!

Digimon Seekers: Chapter 2-5
Seekers Fan Art on Official Site- July 15-21 Batch
Seekers Fan Art on Official Site- July 22-28 Batch
Digimon Seekers: Chapter 2-6
Seekers Behind the Scenes & Previews Presentation
Digimon Seekers in September V-Jump

Dreamers & Manga:
Digimon Dreamers: Chapter 5
Digimon Comic/Manga Award 2023 Results

Discotek has Digimon Adventure 02- New Digital Remaster on Blu-ray, Dub First, Sub Later

Discotek has Digimon the Movies- Adventure, Our War Game, Hurricane Touchdown, & The Movie on Blu-ray, plus Special Intro from Cast

Digimon Adventure (Subbed) Blu-ray- Preview & Breakdown

Digimon Season 1 Blu-ray (Dubbed) On Sale at TRSI

Digimon Adventure Collectors Blu-ray Box Preview- Shipping on September 6th

21st Anniversary of Digimon Frontier: Revival of the Ancient Digimon
23rd Anniversary of Digimon Adventure 3D: Digimon Grand Prix!
1st Anniversary of Digimon Survive

DigiFes 2023 Updates

02: The Beginning:
Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning Trailer & Posters
Adventure 02: The Beginning Character Overview & Storyboard #3
Adventure 02: The Beginning in September V-Jump

02 Kizuna CDs:
Adventure 02 Kizuna Character Songs Getting Digital Release in Japan
02 Kizuna CD Cover Products Available at aniga-ter

Super Complete Selection Animation D-3:
Adventure 02 Super Complete Selection Animation D-3 Teaser
Adventure 02 Super Complete Selection Animation D-3

V-mon & Ukkomon Crane Game Plush Prizes at DigiFes 2023

Dukemon Special Coating Version Preview at DigiFes 2023

Premium Bandai US Pre-Orders for Vital Bracelet Sets- Loogamon Dim & Linker Band Set, Vital Bracelet BE White & Black, Replacement Band Set

Pre-Orders Open for BEMemory Digimon Adventure 02 D-3 Dim Set

Card Previews & News:
Baihumon ACE
Xuanwumon ACE
Qinglongmon ACE & Zhuqiaomon ACE
Tokomon & Elecmon
Pajiramon & Caturamon
Sandiramon & Mihiramon
Indaramon & Vajramon
Frimon & Duftmon X
Shakomon & Octomon
Option Card Rostrum & Dagomon
BanchoLeomon & Option Card Flash Bancho Punch
Option Card Loyalty Deeper Than the Sea & MetalGarurumon X (Parallel)

Huanglongmon & Option Card Cardinal Directions of the Holy Beasts
Nyaromon, Hawkmon, & Garudamon)
Firamon, Lekismon, & Apollomon
Clean Images of Limited Card Pack 1 & Promo Cards
Tamer Goods Set Diaboromon US Pre-Orders
Tamers Goods Set EX3 JP Pre-Orders
Digimon TCG in September V-Jump

Card Videos:
Card Battle #133- Three-Way Battle (Part 3)
Card Battle #134- Three-Way Battle (Part 4)

DigiFes Goods:
Products On Sale at DigiFes 2023
Our Digimon Christmas Carol Prints Available at DigiFes

Chinese Digimon Pop-Up Shop

Digimon World Precious GEM Mugendramon- Shipping in January 2024

Poll Results for Favorite Image Prints for Ghost Game (First Half)

Official Digimon Web Poll #82- Favorite Image Prints for Ghost Game (Part 2)

Poll Results for Everybody Vote for Color Project!

Last Weekend's Saturday Post- Vital Bracelet BE, Seekers Event Behind the Scenes, Great Tamer Exchange Tour, Ichiban Kuji Figure & BlackWarGreymon, Chinese Pop-Up Shop, bilibili World 2023, Adventure 02 Promo Video, Toei Museum & Jump Victory Carnival, DigiFes Countdown Promo Art, Naoki Akamine Hikaru Art & Takeru Art

Social Art & More- Appmon Mention, Great Tamer Exchange Photos, Toei Museum & Adventure Screening, Reference Book Update, DigiFes Countdown, DigiFes Photos, DigiFes Social Art

We finish with some questions from the audience.

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This episode was recorded on July 30th, 2023.

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