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Episode #20 - It's a Gatch, Gatch, Gatch World! Posted on 10/14/2017
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Appmon is over!

Which means we can talk about it a ton! The newest Digimon series has ended and Marc, AR, and May have a ton to talk about.

But before Appmon... the news!

Appmon Manga Volume 2 Breakdown and Scans
Appmon DVD-Box 3 Breakdown, Scans, and Screenshots

Last Item in Battle Spirits Accessory Set- Reprint Cards with New Digimon Art
New I Love Terriermon Plushes

tri. Part 5 Screenings with Natsuki Hanae and Daisuke Namikawa
tri. Part 5 Theatrical Run Extended, new theater gift, plus some post-screening fun via Hanae and Namikawa!
tri. Halloween Art in Animedia
5th tri. Tribute Image from Sota Kuwahara

tri. Part 3 English Trailer and Clips
Toei Teasing tri. Part 4 US Release

Digimon Links is Out!
Hacker's Memory 20th Anniversary Box Details

Appmon Begins in France and Hong Kong this Month!

After the news it's time for a long Appmon discussion going over a number of things from the entire run of the series.

After Appmon, May had to leave, but Marc and AR hung around to answer questions from the audience.

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Marc can be found at With the Will where he spends an inordinate amount of time doing the news.

A.R. can be found at Digimon: System Restore where he's recently finished his writeup of tri. Part 5.

May can be found at LostinTranslationmon where she's decided to recreate Digimon menu items.

The podcast audio is the livestream clipped out.

This episode was recorded on October 14th, 2017.

Questions for future episodes can be sent to [email protected].

We can be found on iTunes, Google Play, and most podcasting apps (feel free to suggest one if you don't see us there.)

Just below is a Youtube embed of the full livestream:

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