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Episode #183- Don't Lose Your Head (Ghost Game Episode 51 Discussion/Review) Posted on 11/14/2022
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This time we will be talking about the 51st episode of Digimon Ghost Game, Headless, and the news has cards, guide listings, pop-up shop, plus poll results & a new Digimon Journal!

Digimon Ghost Game 51- Headless
Discussion Thread
Preview for Episode 52

Ghost Game Guide Listings for Episodes 52-54

Card Previews & News:
Fun Digica Previews- Shoutmon King Version, Tamer Card Taiki, Shoutmon x7: Superior Mode, Option Card Final Xros Blade
ULForceV-dramon X (Parallel)
WarGreymon (Parallel)
Tamer Card Taichi (Parallel)
Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode (Parallel)
Tamer Card Daisuke (Parallel)
Beelzebumon X (Parallel)
Dukemon (Parallel)
Tamer Card Takato (Parallel)
KaiserGreymon (Parallel)
Tamer Card Takuya (Parallel)
Clean Images of Booster Set 12 Across Time
New Tamer's Selection Box
Deck Box Sets at Premium Bandai US- Short Pre-Order Period
EX-03 English Errata

Card Videos:
Fun Digica #153- Booster Set 12 Card Previews
Card Battle #100- Booster Set 12 Battle

Digimon Frontier 20th Anniversary Pop-Up Store in Loft Pop-Up Shops

Digimon Journal #4- ULForceV-dramon, Ragnamon, & Angoramon

Poll Results for Favorite Digimon TV Anime Theme Song

Profile Art & More- Reference Book Update, Camping Social Art, Naoki Akamine Social Art, natitititixx Social Art, Ghost Game Episode 51 Profile Art

We finish with some questions from the audience.

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This episode was recorded on November 14th, 2022.

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