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Episode #146 - Peter Pan Spins a Whale of a Tale (Ghost Game Episode 18 Discussion/Review) Posted on 02/14/2022
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We talk about The Land of Children, episode 18 of Digimon Ghost Game! Plus the news includes a lot of product details including cards, figures, underpants, & we'll see what else!

Digimon Ghost Game: Episode 18- The Land of Children
Discussion Thread
Preview for Episode 19

Ghost Game Guide Listings for Episodes 19-21

Digimon Con Updates:
Digimon Con Vital Bracelet App Raid Announced
Premium Bandai Free Shipping Promo & US release of SCSA D-Ark

Japanese Card Previews & News:
Tokomon X & Leomon X
Death-X-Doruguremon & Option Card Metal Impulse
Magnamon X (Parallel)
Dukemon X (Parallel)
GrandisKuwagamon (Parallel)
Gaioumon (Parallel)
Gabumon X (Parallel)
MetalGarurumon X (Parallel)
Agumon X (Parallel)
WarGreymon X
Jellymon (Parallel)
Death-X-Dorugoramon (Parallel)
Grademon (Parallel)
Alphamon (Parallel)
Fun Digica Previews- Death-X-Dorugamon, Option Card Death-X-Evolution!!, Death-X-Dorugoramon, & Death-X-mon

English Card Previews & News:
Various English TCG Products at Premium Bandai US- Floral Fun Mat & Promo Cards, DC-1 Grand Prix Imperialdramon Dragon Mode Set, Tamer's Set EX & Playmat, Tamer's Evolution Box 2, & Tamer's Set 3

Card Videos:
Fun Digica #118- Booster Set 9 Card Previews (Part 2)
Card Battle #65- Ladies Battle (Part 2)

US Crunchyroll Figure Pre-Orders- GEM Yamato & Gabumon 2022 Version, GEM Takeru & Angemon Figure Re-Release, & Look Up Agumon & Tailmon

Adventure Boxer Shorts in Japan at Donki Affiliated Shops

SCSA D-Ark Screen Image Previews from MonMon Memo

Digimon Profile #26- The Seven Great Demon Lords

Official Digimon Web Poll #47- Your Favorite Ghost Game Lead Adult Form

Profile Art & More- Toei Animation Museum's Tamers Chalk Art, Ghost Game Episode 18 Profile & Social Art

Digimon Web Valentine's Day Art & Message, plus Digimon TV Photo

We finish with some questions from the audience.

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This episode was recorded on February 14th, 2022.

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