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Episode #135 - Birds V Chocolate (Ghost Game Episode 7 Discussion/Review) Posted on 11/22/2021
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We talk about Birds, episode 7 of Digimon Ghost Game! Plus the news has figures, cards, & more! Plus, AR & Dev unpack mystery boxes I sent them!

Digimon Ghost Game: Episode 7- Birds
Discussion Thread
Preview for Episode 8

Poll Results for Gammamon Adult Evolution You Are Most Interested In

Adventure: in TAAF 2022 Voting

6th Anniversary of Digimon Adventure tri. & 23rd Anniversary of Digimon Adventure V-Tamer

Digimon Content in January V-Jump

Japanese Card Previews & News:
Clean Images of Booster Set 8, Starter Deck 11, Promos, & Event Cards
WarGreymon & Gaia Force
Fugamon & Volcdramon
Fladramon (Parallel)
Giga Death
Imperialdramon: Paladin Mode
Magnamon (Parallel) & Rapidmon (Parallel)
Gammamon (Parallel)
Ophanimon: Falldown Mode (Parallel)
Ryudamon (Parallel)
Ouryumon (Parallel)
Tamer Battle Pack 9 & Winners Card at December Tamer Battle Events
Tamer's Set EX and Playmat
Booster EX-02 Digital Hazard Packaging
Booster EX-02 Digital Hazard Magazine Previews
V-Jump Previews- Booster Set 8, Starter Deck 11, Cleaner EX-02 Images
Booster Set 9 X-Record on February 25th

English Card Previews & News:
English Playmat and Card Set 1 -Digimon Tamers- & Alternate Art Cards

Card Videos:
Fun Digica #107- Starter Deck 11 Mirror Match
Card Battle #54- Booster Set 8 Match

Tamers Windcord Bracelets from Anaguma & Anahita- Pre-Orders Open & Shipping in December

The Digimon Figures- New Collection Volume 3 and 4- Pre-Orders Open & Figure Images

More Figure News:
Digimon Figure Event Panel at Megahobby Expo 2021 Online
S.H. Figuarts Dukemon Premium Color Edition Announced
Digimon NXEdgeStyle Survey Regarding Future of Figure Line

Profile Art & Episode 7 Script Photo-, Episodes 5-6 Script Photos, Ghost Game Episode 6 Social Art

We finish with some questions from the audience.

And then... AR & Dev open the mystery boxes they were sent by Marc!

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This episode was recorded on November 22nd, 2021.

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