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Episode #127 - Cruel Omega's Thesis (Adventure: Episode 66 Discussion/Review) Posted on 09/20/2021
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We talk about The Last Miracle, the Last Power, episode 66 of Digimon Adventure:! 1 to go! Plus recent news including model kits, cards, & more.

Digimon Adventure: Episode 66- The Last Miracle, the Last Power
Discussion Thread
Extended Preview for Episode 67

November V-Jump- Ghost Game Updates, plus ReArise & Digimon in Saikyo Jump!

Ghost Game Dim Cards, Not Quite Complete Lineup

Card Game Previews & News:
TCG Starter Decks 9 & 10 Promo Images & Packaging
TCG Tamer's Evolution Box 2
TCG US Tamer's Evolution Box 2
Card Game Previews from V-Jump- Starter Decks 9 and 10, plus Gammamon promo card

Card Videos:
Fun Digica #98- Booster Set 7 Secret Deck Match
Card Battle #46- Yamadeya vs. Chiba (and Special Guest)

Digimon Shop 5 at LB Pop-Up Theater:
Digimon Shop 5 at LB Pop-Up Theater Updates- More Products
Products from Digimon Shop 5 at LB Pop-Up Theater Available Online

Agumon 3 Pin Set from Pin Club at NYCC on October 7th

Figure-Rise Standard Magnamon:
Figure-Rise Standard Magnamon Model Kit Images & Details
Pre-Orders Open for Figure-rise Standard Magnamon

Figure-Rise Amplified Beelzebumon:
Figure-Rise Amplified Beelzebumon Model Kit Images & Details
Pre-Orders Open for Figure-rise Amplified Beelzebumon

Figure-rise Standard Amplified Imperialdramon Paladin Mode Announced

Profile & Kenji Watanabe Digimon Adventure: Episode 66 Art- Chinese Digimon Cards, Chinese Digimon Exhibition, Digimon Ghost Game Poster

We finish with some questions from the audience.

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This episode was recorded on September 20th, 2021.

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