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Episode #12 - Look At All The Shiny Things Posted on 06/01/2017
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Hey look, guest hosting this week is A.R. Pulver again!

We had so much follow up on news from last week it seemed like bringing back A.R would be a good idea so we could discuss all the updated news.

Hitomi Yoshida Got Married

Eri Merchandise!
Appmon DVD-Box 2 Packaging Preview & Rental DVD 4
Appmon DCD Series 4 Update- Angewomon, HolyAngemon, Bond Awakening

Taichi & Yamato in costume photos from tri. Stage Play
tri. Stage Play Cast Update- Digimon Partners and Etemon

tri. Vinyl Bags and Returning Products
Agumon and Gabumon PC Buddies Return
GEM LadyDevimon up for Pre-Order
Color Photos of GEM Dukemon Crimson Mode

Digivolving Spirits Details
Digivolving Spirits WarGreymon, Complete Memory Set, and 15th Anniversary Digivice MetalGarurumon Color up for Pre-Order
Digivolving Spirits MetalGarurumon
Digivolving Spirits Alphamon and Diablomon
Digivolving Spirits Livestream- Angewomon, Prototype WarGreymon, Other Details

Our main topic this episode is just us shortly discussing what types of figures and other things we'd like to see come out for Digimon while we take questions.

For those who want to see A.R. Pulver's stuff, including the conventions he will have panels at:
His Website
Kitsunekon in Green Bay
Geek.Kon in Madison

The podcast audio is the livestream clipped out.

This episode was recorded on May 30, 2017.

Questions for future episodes can be sent to podcast@withthewill.net.

We can be found on iTunes, Google Play, and most podcasting apps (feel free to suggest one if you don't see us there.)

Just below is a Youtube embed of the full livestream:

Let us know what you think of the image overlays for the news.


We appreciate you guys listening and your feedback. Let us know what you think about the newest episode.

Our intro and outtro song is 'Version Up', sung by Umi Tenjin in character as Koushiro from Digimon Adventure.

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