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Episode #119 - Bustin' Makes Hikari Feel Good (Adventure: Episode 58 Discussion/Review) Posted on 07/26/2021
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We talk about Hikari, New Life, episode 58 of Digimon Adventure:! Plus recent news includes cards, candy, figures, a VB teaser, pop-up shop fun, & more!

Digimon Adventure: Episode 58- Hikari, New Life
Discussion Thread

Extended Preview for Episode 59

Adventure: in September V-Jump

Ateez Members in Adventure: Art Style Promotional Art (Part 1)

Final 20th Memorial Story Project Digimon- Madomon
Madomon Plushie Images

Adventure: Escape Room at Nazotomo Announced- Opens August 6th, Exclusive Products go on sale a week earlier.

Japanese Card Previews & News
Greymon & Greymon (Parallel)
Zudomon (Parallel), Tyranomon (Promo), & New Battle Pack
Mugendramon (Parallel)
Takuya Tamer Card
AtlurKabuterimon (Parallel)
Imperialdramon (Parallel)
Palmon (Parallel)
Clean Previews of EX-01 Classic Collection
Digimon TCG Previews in September V-Jump
New Starter Decks in October & Promo Video- ST9 Ultimate Ancient Dragon & ST10 Tactician from Another World
Digimon Card Game Championship Details

Card Videos
Fun Digica #91- More Matches
Card Battle #38- EX-01 Match

Poll Results for Which Digimon Do You Want to Hug & Warm Up With?

S.H. Figuarts Imperialdramon Fighter Mode Premium Color Edition- Pre-orders up, ships in December

Digimon Shop 5 at LB Pop-Up Theater Updates- Adventure Keyart, More Products, Online Sales, & Kitchen Car Promotion

Digimon Chocolate Snacks with Stickers Out in October

Hatsune Miku x Digimon Adventure Shirt at Hot Topic

Culumon & Terriermon Jewelry at Digimon Partners

Vital Bracelet
Dim Card Holster & Dynasty of the Evil Dim Card- Out in December
Vital Bracelet in September V-Jump
"Vital Bracelet Series" Twitter & Website Opened with 7 Day Countdown

Digimon ReArise & Products in September V-Jump

Profile Art & More- Convention Photos from China, Reference Book Updates, & Kenji Watanabe Adventure: Episode 58 Art

We finish with some questions from the audience.

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